Let People Go & Grow ft. Jennifer Heath [Sensitive Content]

Jennifer Heath, holding both a B.S. and an M.A. in Psychology, leads a life as a devoted wife and mother to three boys. Presently, she serves as a stay-at-home mom while pursuing a career as a part-time swim instructor and working towards her realtor\’s license. Recently diagnosed with severe PTSD and ADHD, Jennifer is in the process of navigating her diagnosis, embracing her new path, and using it as a foundation to educate herself and others on the resources and realities of these conditions.

Furthermore, Jennifer is the co-owner of Chameleon Love, a brand that emerged from one of the most challenging seasons in her marriage and has since become a way of life. Chameleon Love revolves around the idea of loving people in the way they need to be loved, starting with self-love. This concept has inspired Jennifer to encourage and inspire women to live out this love as a means of establishing a strong foundation in all relationships.

Having once lived in the shadows of others, undervaluing her worth and self-sabotaging due to trauma, Jennifer has undergone a transformation. With spiritual guidance, she has allowed God to restore her heart, her self-image, and her perspective. Now, she is ready to walk confidently and purposefully in life.

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